Genozip referral programΒΆ

Make money helping others save money

Genozip will pay you a referral fee of US$300 for referring a new paying customer to Genozip.

You may refer multiple customers.

Note: If you are a consultant or other service provider that intends to refer customers to Genozip on a regular basis, you might want to join the Genozip Reseller Program and earn even higher fees. Please contact

Terms and Conditions:

  1. You sent us an email to telling us that you are referring a customer, and that customer proceeded to purchase a Genozip license within 30 days of the email.

  2. The customer has not previously purchased a license from Genozip.

  3. You are not an employee of the customer, and you are not a decision maker regarding the purchase of Genozip by the customer.

  4. You are at least 18 years old and not residing in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Lybia, Yemen or North Korea.

  5. Payment is via bank transfer to a bank account on your name.