Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Genozip for free?

The Genozip License defines the exact cases for which use of Genozip is free. To illustrate, here are some examples:

Examples of applications for which use of Genozip is FREE:

  • Academic: You are conducing a study, with the primary objective being publishing the results in a scientific journal (excluding the case of “Clinical + Research” below).

  • Training: You are teaching a course in bioinformatics, using Genozip to teach data compression.

  • Evaluation: You may use Genozip for 30 days to see whether Genozip fits your needs, ahead of a decision of whether to purchase a license.

  • Decompression: decompressing files previously compressed with Genozip is free.

  • Distribution: Distributing the Genozip software to others, for example, as a module on an HPC, is free. Each user will need to register individually.

Examples of applications that require paying a licensing fee:

  • Clinical: The genomic data is used to directly benefit the individuals who provided the samples, for example via better diagnosis or treatment.

  • Clinical + Research: The genomic data is used to directly benefit the individuals who provided the samples, for example via better diagnosis or treatment, and you are also using the data to conduct scientific research.

  • Product: You are developing a product, such as a pharmaceutical or food product.

  • Service: You are providing a service to your customers, such as DNA sequencing, DNA analysis, bioinformatics, SaaS or cloud.

If you are unsure which category covers your use case, please ask us at

We are a research institution, using Genozip on important data. How can we ensure we have access to support?

Genozip provides support to paying customers. Support to non-paying customers is provided subject to availability of resources and to whether we think the problem is of interest to the broarder Genozip user community. If you are dealing with important data, you might want to consider paying for a license so you can get access to support if needed.

What is the return on investment for a Genozip license?

Investing in a Genozip license usually has an excellent return on investment, but the details depend on your exact use case.

Here is a template spreadsheet: Genozip Return on Investment.

You made your source code public, can’t anyone just compile it and use it, without paying?

We decided to make our code publicly available so that users can inspect it and gain confidence in the product, as well as to ensure that files compressed with Genozip are still decompressible decades ahead. However, using the code is still subject to the specified license, that requires paying a licensing fee (unless exempt).

We know that by “leaving our shop open and unattended” we will inevitabley encounter dishonest shoplifters. Nevertheless, we are encouraged to see that the vast majority of our users use our product honestly according to our license.

Genozip is awesome! I am using it for free. How can I contribute to its success?

You can Recommend it on ResearchGate, Star it on GitHub, cite our publications, and tell your colleagues.

I am a compression researcher. May I benchmark my software against Genozip?

Yes! We love competition and thrive on it.