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View metadata of files compressed with genozip

Usage: genols [options]… [files or directories]…

One or more files or directory names may be given. If omitted, genols runs on the current directory


-l, --list  Show the components of bound files. This option is implied when running genols on a single file.

-b, --bytes  Show sizes in bytes.

-q, --quiet  Don't show warnings

-T, --files-from filename.  An alternative to providing input file names on the command line. filename it a textual file containing a newline-separated list of files. If filename is - (a hyphen) data is taken from stdin rather than a file.

--log filename.  Send non-file output to a log file instead of the terminal.

--echo  Output the full command line upon successful or failed completion of execution.

-h, --help  Show a link to this page.

--help=attributions  Show attributions.

-L, --license, --licence  Show the license terms and conditions for this product as accepted. Combine with --force to see the most up-do-date version of the license. If you wish to change your license to the most recent one - re-register with genozip --register.

-V, --version  Display Genozip's version number.